Yalçınlar continued to operate in the photography industry, which was launched in 1958 by our father (the late Hasan Yalçın), until 2010. It served as the sole agent in Turkey of many global brands together with the retail stores it owns. During this period, it has become an industry leader and brand with its principles of integrity and quality service.

As the digital technology developed in the early 2000s negatively affected the photography industry, YALÇINLAR Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Hakan YALÇIN decided to operate in the construction industry as well as the photography industry. In 2010, the Gölmahal project, consisting of 38 Villas with an unusual modern design, with the latest technology, was developed on a land of 93.000 m2 in the Büyükçekmece-Göl Valley, which is owned by it. As of today, Gölmahal, with its different architectural design, has been delivered to villa buyers by receiving high demand in its region and is used peacefully by its residents. With the beginning of 2014, it has started the Batımahal project, which consists of 150 luxury villas, all of which are 2-storey, with large garden areas, on a land of 400,000 m2, again on the Büyükçekmece-Göl Valley, with the slogan “ALL COMPLETE,NOT INCOMPLETE“. With its distinctive architectural structure, Batımahal is integrated with YALÇINLAR’s understanding of quality and with the intense demand it has created in its region; It was completed at the end of 2020 and made available to the residents of Batımahal.

As of August 2021, it has started the Villamahal project, which consists of 3 models and 106 villas with one and two floors, designed on a land of 183,000 m2, again with YALÇINLAR’s quality understanding and different architectural structure in the region. The Villamahal Project will be delivered to its new buyers by the end of 2023, again with the slogan “ALL COMPLETE,NOT INCOMPLETE“.

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